Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here's how I spent Halloween....

I just popped out to the local ALDI to pick up a few Christmas CDs on special. We don't own a lot of Christmas music here so seeing some ABC music CDs for only $6.99 each was too good to pass up. Now we own five CDs for the princely sum of only $34.95. Some of them are still selling on the ABC shop website for $25-$27 each. Bargain.

I spotted a large crowd of trick or treaters as I was heading out. They were all wandering around the much flatter ground of the neighbourhood at the bottom of our hill. We live at the top of the hill with a pretty steep driveway so not many dressed up kids have enough energy to make it to our front door. I had a few lollies in the cupboard for anyone who might have come calling but no one did so it looks like I'll be eating those myself.

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