Sunday, August 22, 2010

Election wash-up

Last night's election viewing turned out to be more exciting than I thought. We didn't get to bed until nearly midnight.

I think the result reflected disillusionment with both major parties, but that might just be me projecting how I felt about it. In the Saturday newspaper, they quoted one woman saying it was like choosing between two really bad husbands in an arranged marriage. That resonated with me. No one seemed to have a vision for the future of the country, it was all about bagging the other guys and throwing money around for short term satisfaction.

Anyway, I wonder who will end up forming government out of all this.

It's interesting that those who voted "independent" in the seats with independent MHRs are now waiting to see whether that "independent" vote was in effect a vote for the ALP or the Coalition.

Either way, I guess it's good news for their electorates, which, in the case of the Queensland and NSW independents, are all in rural and regional areas of Australia.

We used to live in Port Macquarie, and Rob Oakeshott was our local state MP when we lived there. He's a nice guy with some big decision making ahead of him. We should be praying that he and the other independent MHRs will be wise in the choices they make over the coming days.

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