Monday, August 30, 2010


...was a busy day.

First up, an hour of reading with kids in Aidan's class wasn't as easy as usual. Their teacher was off-class (she is the junior school deputy principal so she's often off-class but that's a topic for another post) so the kids with behaviour issues were busy testing out the unfamiliar casual teacher. Usually there's three of them who test the limits with anyone new, today one of them was away but the other two had me wishing I could bang their heads together by the end of my morning with them (all of one hour). The poor casual had another four hours to get through.

But I then got to go and sit in a lovely coffee shop that I hadn't previously discovered. Rosie-friendly with high chair that she happily sat in for over an hour. Lunch with a lovely work friend who was really encouraging about me coming back to work next year, after I'd heard all kinds of negative reports about what's been going on there since I went on leave. Pleasant food, pleasant atmosphere, good company. An invite to her new exhibition (when she's not a paediatric physiotherapist she's an artist, which I think is a very cool combination).

I spent the afternoon doing the Mum taxi thing, kids to swimming, dropping off sponsorship money to a girl at church who did the 40 hour famine, picking up a walking toy for Rosie from another friend. Home for a yummy dinner that Chris cooked.

Chris is out at a committee meeting tonight but he did most of the kitchen clean up before he left so I am taking advantage of his absence to watch a bit of the X-factor (something he would generally not be keen on...). The usual mix of out of tune singing combined with an occasional spark of genius. Nice to see a range of age groups participating.

And now I am off to get out music for this month's songs at church so I can start practising tomorrow. And to continue my slog through Twilight Breaking's not grabbing me but I'm persisting anyway.

Thank you God for days like this. Nothing big happened but there's enjoyment sometimes in the ordinary.

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Chris said...

Celebrate life at all times. "For I have learnt to be content in all things"