Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How old is too old.... go to the supermarket in your pyjamas?

I was at Coles just before 6pm tonight doing a bread and milk run. I saw a mother and daughter shopping. Not a quick race in to the shop to grab a couple of things since they had a trolley. The daughter, who to my eyes looked at least 10 years old (older than my kids, anyway), was wearing a pair of yellow flannelette pyjamas.

My opinion is that perhaps it's acceptable for under 5 year olds to wear their pyjamas to the supermarket, although this doesn't happen in my house. I won't even step outside our front door to check mail or bring in a bin if I'm wearing pyjamas, so my kids don't either. Well, occasionally they might, for example at Easter to do the morning egg hunt or something like that. But never to the shops. If kids are wearing pyjamas here, it's because they've either just got up, or they're on their way to bed.

What do other people think? I suppose it would have been worse if it was the mother wearing the pyjamas.

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