Sunday, September 26, 2010

Non-glamorous moments of parenthood

No one ever tells you about these before you become a parent. Pictures of happy families and young beautiful couples with cute babies hide the reality.

Here are some non-glamorous moments I encountered today:
1. Cleaning up fresh vomit stains from the carpet between the bed and the wall. Both the smell and the stain are hard to remove.
2. Sorting through outgrown baby clothes and finding homes for the new hand-me-downs that kind friends have given me. Trying to think of people who might like the huge pile of outgrown ones.
3. Dealing with arguments that begin with "He hit me." Usually the child who has been hit has done something to provoke it but getting to the bottom of what happened is always impossible because both the hitter and the one being attacked deny everything. Ignoring it just leads to escalation.

Today after church I watched all the young beautiful people heading off to the funky Teppanyaki bar that's opened up around the corner from church. We used to be able to do things like that after church before we had children or even when we only had one child. Now we don't get invited along to these kinds of outings anymore. Probably because now we look old, frumpy and harrassed all the time.


Wendy said...

Often I have very little sympathy for #3 issues. Mostly we end up with time-outs for all concerned: regardless of what anyone says there usually is fault on all sides. Around here anyway, once our middle son's temper has flared it is impossible to have a rational discussion anyway. Much better to wait until things have calmed down first.

As for vomit, less said the better.

Patrick said...

Can I just say that I hear you on all the issues listed! Particularly the noit being cool enaought to go places, or is it too harrassed, or covered in vomit etc.....whatever it is, I'm not there either!

Karen said...

Alana, I think we will have to start hanging out with you guys more often!!