Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chronological Bible reading continued

I'm almost at the end of Job now. What a fantastic finish. I love how the young turk Elihu speaks up, seemingly out of nowhere, and tells them all off for not acknowledging that God is gracious and just and that he can do whatever he likes.

I'm about to read Chapters 38 and 39 where God speaks. I actually read ahead a little bit into those chapters because they look so good. I might put up a few of my favourite quotes from them tomorrow.


Ali said...

Hi Karen,

Well, you are the winner! Congratulations. I can't find a way to contact you directly through the blog, but if you go to my blog profile you should be able to email me, so if you are happy to pass on your address, I can pop them in the mail. I believe we have actually met - if you folks are also friends with one Brad and Pam.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Glad the readings' going well, Karen. I'm really loving it. I'm nearly at the end of Elihu's bit. He's a champ, that guy. He has so many interseting things to say, and I like how he puts Job's other friends in their place.

Meredith said...

Hi Karen.
Back in the land of the internet. And so happy to be reading these posts and comments about reading the Bible. Praying that you will be greatly encouraged as you press on. Everytime I see the letters CBRP on the internet I smile.

Karen said...

Thanks for the encouragement and prayer, Meredith, I'm still hanging in there. Reading about Jacob and his family at the moment.

It is good to feel like I'm doing this with a purpose, seeing how the whole Bible story hangs together. Lately I've been wondering about the purpose of the less pleasant bits of reading (for example, I've just finished the story of Dinah). I guess it's to show that sin continues to raise its ugly head all too often...