Wednesday, April 3, 2013 I come!

Well, sort of.

Tomorrow, I'm starting a new short term contract at work for a few weeks until the next student supervision round starts up in another school in June.

So it's off to work in adult rehabilitation I go. After fifteen years working almost exclusively in paediatrics, I'm a little bit nervous. Even when I did work with adults many moons ago, I didn't ever have a physical rehabilitation caseload. So it's all going to be brand new.

I keep telling myself the process isn't much different. Assess, set goals with client, treat, work on getting them back into their own environment and performing everyday activities safely. I can do that. How hard could it be? Hopefully I'll be able to work shadow someone for a couple of days so I can get the hang of it.

And it's in Murwillumbah. It's a very pleasant commute to get there and back home again. Some nice little cafes to have lunch in once I feel like I know what's happening. And it's looking like my next school job may be there as well, so it will be good to get a bit of a vibe for the place. So far my experience of Murbah consists of shopping in the main street (some quirky little shops to explore down there!) and taking the kids to the pool a few times. Watching the kids perform with their school class in the local eisteddfod. We've had one visit to the library. I've enjoyed it so far. I hope that working there won't change that.


Deb said...

Hey, I'll pray for you! I am feeling pretty sympathetic for anyone who is on a learning curve at work at the minute. ;) Hope it goes well.

Karen said...

Thanks, Deb :) This whole year at work is looking like it will be a steep learning curve as I go from place to place doing different things. It hasn't been the easiest for the family as I'm having to cope with all these changes. I'm starting to think that going back to my old job when my two years of maternity leave is over might not be such a bad thing!?