Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm sitting here at my computer....

....watching a rather large cockroach crawling across the wall in front of me. He's made one trip across and back, and now he's just sitting there on the wall.

I'm trying to decide whether going upstairs to get the insect spray is worth the effort. He's not moving too quickly. Sometimes the spray can make them fly around really fast and in crazy unpredictable circles. That freaks me out a bit.

He's still not moving. We get our house sprayed for cockroaches once a year. It's been a few months since that happened. It would be nice to think that this might be his death throes that I'm watching. Although I think that the death staggers might look a bit more unco-ordinated than what I've been watching so far.

Can you all tell that I'm really scraping the bottom of the blogging barrel here? I was wondering whether I should illustrate this post with a picture, and then I just thought...umm...no, probably not required. I'm sure you can all visualise what's happening well enough.

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Anonymous said...

This post cracked me up! I can't handle the smell of insect spray (even the unscented one), but I can't handle picking up cockroaches I've whacked with a shoe either. My solution is generally just to watch them, too!