Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I sent my two big guys off to school this morning with some trepidation. Neither of them had vomited yet. I was wondering if it might strike at school.

One of them was performing in a trumpet group with two other kids from his class at the local Salvation Army church morning tea today. The Salvos are conveniently located next door to their school, and the principal of the school is a member of the church so they do quite a few performances over there.

Sadly, vomiting struck at probably the most inconvenient moment it could have. Just as they were on the stage getting ready to play. I was told he had to run off stage and make for the nearest toilet. He nearly got there. But not quite. The floor around the toilet cubicle got covered. And the principal ended up having to clean it all up afterwards.

I didn't hear the full story when he was brought home by my husband at lunchtime. All I knew was that he'd had to run off stage just as they were about to start and that he'd missed the toilet. He told me he didn't know who cleaned it up. So it was slightly embarrassing when the deputy principal called me later to tell me about it. Apparently the principal thought it was just nervousness that caused him to do it. So I then had to confess that the evil gastro was making its way through our house and that I had sent my kids off to school even though I knew it could be coming. Oh dear. Caught out.

The deputy principal was amused, I think, because she usually takes the kids to most of these musical performances and thus is presumably left with any of these kinds of unpleasant cleaning jobs. She seemed to be very happy that the principal had to take one for the team this time. I'm guessing cleaning up vomit probably isn't top of the list of his regular jobs.

Sometimes you just have to laugh. It was kind of funny. Hopefully he'll be able to recover to perform again in future and the principal (also his trumpet teacher) won't hold it against him. But it's one of those moments that I'm not too sorry to have missed...


Helen said...

Oh yuck. At least you know you can't catch it now! We have two toilets now and the vomiter (sp?) gets quarantinned...Hamish had it last week and by the grace of God we all avoided it although he threw up during breakfast. I will pray for grace, and that Chris stays vomit free!

Petrina said...

Oh dear :(

Classic story though :)