Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Should Christians buy designer stuff??

Pondering the unimportant questions of life here.

I can't afford to buy designer....insert word here (handbag, clothing, furniture, whatever you like). Most of my friends of similar age/generation can't either. But I know Christians who do buy it, mainly those who are younger than me and (maybe) have more disposable income.

I don't really get why people think they need designer stuff. At the moment, it's not affordable for me, but even when I could afford to buy it, I didn't. I think those that have it would probably argue it is better quality and lasts longer than the cheaper stuff does, but it is a lot of extra money to pay and of course there is always going to be a bigger and better version to tempt us next season to part with even more money. Then it becomes a greed thing and about what we want, which I think is a self-absorbed and therefore sinful attitude to have.

But maybe I am missing something and so I'm happy to be presented with the other side of the argument...

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Wendy said...

I agree with you Karen. There are far more lasting things we can do with our money as Christians. We can't take it with us when we die, so we might as well use it for God's work. The only thing that lasts past death is a saved soul.