Monday, June 21, 2010


From a busy weekend.

Caught up with friends on Saturday at the new park at Palm Beach. They brought their gorgeous new puppy along (a 7 week old labrador retriever, like the dogs on the toilet paper ads). The puppy slept most of the time (so did Rosie!). I crashed on Saturday night...asleep by 8.30. I guess ten months of having to stay up to do a dream feed with a baby at 10.30 does take its toll.

Sunday morning we went to church. The littlies enjoyed making their little people and talking about how God loves all the people we see every day (the shop lady, the postman, our neighbours). We sang a good song about God loving the postman. Next week I need to remember to give them the little eggs and pom poms to shake during the song session so they are not being treated to me singing solo...

Session two of parenting in the afternoon. I came away a bit disappointed since the focus seemed to end up being entirely related to corporal punishment. But at home I found a Christian parenting book that I did like and probably should read again...How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell. The book is an oldie (first published 1977) but what this guy says really makes sense. And he talks about guidance as well as punishment.

So today I am being low key. I am about to try a new recipe for apricot rice bubble biscuits for the kids' lunchbox treats this week. And we have swimming this afternoon, Liam is finally allowed to go back in the pool after his eye injury.

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