Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Solo parenting

Chris has been away yesterday and today. For some reason they have to fly health professionals all the way to Sydney to teach them about communication...

So I have been flying solo here. But so far we've survived. I made it to the school P&C meeting last night with all three kids in tow (child minding provided for the older two) and the morning routine today was relatively smooth, an uncommon event. We aren't cooking dinners because we have a fridge full of leftover food from the past week so that's been really easy too.

I've even had time to write this blog entry, finish a first draft of a clinical education topic for work, buy myself a new pair of pyjamas and if all goes well, I'll be helping with RE at the local special school this afternoon. All very productive really, maybe even more so than usual.

Surely this can't continue. I keep expecting things to come crashing down before he gets home tonight. But there are only ten more hours to get through until then. And for four of those hours I only have one child in the house to worry about.

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