Monday, October 25, 2010

Last night on Wife Swap USA

...a fundamentalist Christian family and liberal Christian family exchanged wives. A woman who idolized home and family with a very annoying husband who kept saying that he was "the gatekeeper" of what his family were taught from the Bible swapped lives with a woman who believed that a full time career was a perfectly acceptable option for a Christian woman while her husband stayed home, looked after the house and studied theology to PhD level.

Nobody was prepared to give an inch on their respective positions, so the only change to report in the end of show follow up was that the male head of the household in the fundamentalist family started to help his wife a little bit more in the kitchen.

The saddest thing was that all of them were so judgmental and unable to see the other side's point of view that they all just ended up looking decidedly un-Christian. Or just plain weird.

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