Saturday, October 16, 2010

Revisiting old TV shows and sharing the lighthouse love

The kids spent some of this afternoon watching episodes of Round the Twist on DVD. We have made it about halfway through Series 1.

This is a show I remember from my younger days. The first series was made in 1989 so I was too old to be watching it in first year University, but I remember it being on TV, presumably because my younger brothers may have been watching. Apparently a further three series were made over a period of about ten years, with lots of recasting required. And they are based on books written by the prolific Australian author Paul Jennings, which of course we will now be hunting down at the library.

Although they are a bit frightened of ghosts, which have featured quite heavily so far, the boys have been enjoying it. Mostly the ghosts turn out to be friendly, so we no longer have the two of them leaving the room or quivering with fear whenever a ghost turns up in the story.

For me (and Liam, who also likes lighthouses), the coolest thing about this series is that the family live in a lighthouse, the one in the above picture. It's located at Split Point, along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. One day we will drive that road to see all the lighthouses along it. In the meantime we'll just continue watching Round the Twist so we can get our fix.

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