Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who paints an internal staircase white?

Today I also visited an open house. This activity has been a passion of mine in the past, but I haven't indulged in it much lately.

This one. Beyond our budget but it had amazing views.

The advertising described it as being "family friendly" and the big block of land with lots of out of the way spots for kids to explore was certainly that. In other ways, though, it was a bit unusual. The bathroom was the first room I saw as I walked in, a hard turn left at the front entry. Not necessarily where I would have expected to find it. Oddly shaped bedrooms located in out of the way spots, one with a "powder room" in the middle of it. (Since when did "second toilet and washbasin" become a "powder room"?) Kitchen and living area upstairs were a little small. Lots of white furniture, benchtops and white doona covers on all the beds. I guess all the white was designed to create an impression of lightness, brightness and space.

But seriously, why would anyone choose to paint an internal staircase white? It might as well have had a sign on it saying "If you have kids, this will need cleaning every five minutes."

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