Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another royal wedding

Unless you've been hiding under a rock today (in Australia anyway) you couldn't miss the news about the impending royal nuptials.

And speaking of rocks, I'm not entirely sure about the choice of engagement ring. I get that Prince William wants to remember his Mum, and it's a beautiful thing to recycle the ring, but there's just something about it that doesn't seem quite right to me. Maybe because it is also in a way a reminder of his parents' marriage that went so far off track. But I guess that time will tell and perhaps it will come to symbolise true love and faithfulness. Kind of like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

I'm already looking forward to the television coverage. I still remember watching Prince Charles and Lady Di get married on television back in 1981, when I was nine years old. I know I had a book all about it that I pored over non-stop. And I think I may have even had a commemorative T-shirt of their engagement. The type of thing you wear when you're nine.

We should pray that they will be preparing for the marriage as well as for the wedding. At least they've given their courtship a decent amount of time. You'd hope they would know each other pretty well by now.

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Chris said...

I can't believe it. They cancelled a repeat of a Simpson's episode to do a special on this. Where are your priorities Network Ten?

I must say I find the choice of ring unusual. If their marriage had been a good strong and faithful one, it would be sweet and touching. As it is, its...unusual.