Sunday, November 14, 2010


For my Bible reading this month, I'm working through the readings in Revelation from this month's Briefing.

Revelation has generally been a book I've avoided. I thought it was all a bit too hard. All those references to beasts and visions. If I'm completely honest, I'm still finding it hard going this time. But the introduction to the series of readings had two very insightful reflections that are helping me to stick with the program:

1. There are lots of Old Testament allusions in Revelation.
2. It is a retelling of the story of Jesus and his Gospel in a more colourful way.

Funnily enough, when Aidan is reading his Bible we often find him looking at Revelation. I think it's because he's obsessed with Beast Quest and similar types of books, so he enjoys reading about dragons and beasts. Perhaps that's my issue...I would prefer to poke my eyeballs with a stick rather than read about that kind of stuff so possibly my difficulties are because I'm struggling to relate to the subject matter?

But I think we need to be challenged to read parts of the Bible that we find difficult. It's in the Bible for a reason so it's important that we understand it.

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