Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What to make for morning tea tomorrow...

....when you're not in the mood for cooking at all?

Tomorrow I am going to a morning tea with some ladies from our church. The "bring a plate" kind of event. Where you're expected to home bake something because that's what good Christian women/homemakers do.

But I just don't feel like cooking anything tonight. I halfheartedly got out some butter earlier this evening to soften up in the hope that I might become enthusiastic enough to make some gingerbread Christmas biscuits. But I really can't be bothered.

Maybe this mood will wear off by tomorrow but if not I am stuck.

I have a jumbo sized packet of Maltesers in the cupboard. Would it be acceptable to take those, I wonder? I guess I could also go out tomorrow morning and buy some fruit as a healthier option.


One for a wish.. said...

Frankly the fruit platter is always a winner! Or buy some scones, then throw on jam and a bit of whipped cream..so you've made a bit of effort..but it's minimal! :-)

Karen said...

Have decided to go with the fruit. I decided the Maltesers were too good to share...is that bad? But why oh why is fruit so expensive?