Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today's cooking adventures...chocolate bread and salmon cakes

Not sure if I should put a cooking post out there after the last entry....but today I made chocolate bread. Time consuming (mostly because dough with chocolate in it seems to rise more slowly than regular bread dough) but yummy when it was finally finished. We ate it with cream cheese spread and raspberry jam. I think the fruity cream cheese spreads would also go well on it.

And then we made salmon cakes for dinner (joint effort between Chris and me). A recipe from a low GI cookbook I found at the library, in which mashed cannellini beans were used instead of mashed potato. I don't usually make fish cakes because I can't be bothered boiling up the potato and mashing it first, but this was an easy short cut and they tasted just as yummy.

I was also planning to make an apple crumble slice this evening but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Too exhausted to cook any more today...

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