Monday, May 30, 2011

Dropped off the radar for a while there....

A big week of being sick, followed by having to back up for church camp over the weekend. Another bunch of new faces and people to get to know, so now I just want to get back into my cave for a while. It's great that our church is getting so much bigger but it means it's harder to keep track of who everyone is than it used to be.

So we had lots of music and great talks from Phil Campbell this year. And five of us played in a little ukulele band at the campfire on Saturday night. It's amazing how many songs you can do with C, F and G7 chords. There is a lovely old gentleman in our church who learned to play ukulele growing up in the Pacific islands, and he gave me a folder full of music, songs and chords that I can't wait to get started on. It even has "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in it, but I will need to learn a few more than three chords for that one.

The only low point was Liam's midnight vomit on Saturday night. After being caught out when away for a weekend previously, we always bring the children's Panadol with us when we go away now. But sadly, we'd left the vomit bags in the car. So we were left with vomit on lots of bedding and clothing, but at least most of it missed the carpet in the little unit. And we were in one that had its own bathroom and toilet. Would have hated to be dealing with that while running back and forth to the toilet block. Fortunately he made a quick recovery. I think it's because he drinks too many sweet drinks whenever we're away from home and there's no one watching his food and drink intake.

The kids were excited about going away for the weekend (well, not Rosie, I think she was a bit overwhelmed with the whole thing) but predictably, by Sunday afternoon, some of the kids who usually manage to socialise without arguing with eachother were starting to grate on eachother a little bit. And Aidan had a huge meltdown last night when we got home.

Back to the real world....

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