Saturday, May 14, 2011


1. First NAPLAN week survived. Lots more to come. Next time we'll have two kids doing it at the same time. Can't wait.
2. Housework, grocery shopping, birthday dinner, cake and presents taken care of (thanks, Chris). And thanks Aidan for being happy to eat the last meal on the menu plan for his birthday dinner, even though he didn't actually choose it. Lucky he likes tacos.
3. Ukulele workshop was great fun. But my fingers are very sore. And my eyes are tired from driving to Lismore and back. I learned how to play Happy Birthday, among other things. That was handy tonight when we were having birthday cake.
4. Have just run through all the songs (on piano) for church tomorrow. And I am also doing one of the Bible readings in tomorrow's service. Proverbs 31:10-31.

Right now, I feel like that Proverbs woman. Busy, busy, busy.


simone r said...

You need to record yourself playing HB! I'd love to hear. What kind of uke do you have?

Karen said...

I ended up with the cheapest one. A blue Mahalo. He only had new ones, but I also bought a set of Aquila strings which he said would make a big difference to the sound. So it has been restrung and constantly needs re-tuning. But I bought one of those cool little clip on electronic tuners as well so the tuning is easy.
And when I came home, I worked out how to play "The Wise Man built his House Upon the Rock" and the Hello Song from J is for Jesus. Heaps of fun already. And I can feel my fingers getting tougher...