Friday, June 24, 2011

Life lessons for six year olds

Don't take your little Lego men into the toilet with you, especially if you are doing No. 2's.

No, Daddy or Mummy will not be fishing out the little Lego arm that you have pulled off the Lego man and dropped into the toilet bowl.

You'll just have to flush and hope the arm pops back up afterwards (for the record, it didn't).

This was the cause of great distress in our house as I was arriving home from work yesterday evening.

Sometimes you just have to laugh (while simultaneously being understanding and sympathetic, of course).


Wendy said...

You didn't fish it out! Shame on you :) Ain't nothing that you can't clean. Once my sunglasses fell into a public toilet at the zoo. I had no choice!

Karen said...

It's all in the value of the item I guess. I think I would choose to rescue the sunnies too, especially if they were really nice ones. But after too many conversations with children in this house about not removing the little Lego mens' arms and hands, I think we had to make a stand....

Sarah said...

Hehehe. I couldn't help but laugh.

Wendy said...

They were prescription sunnies. Very valuable! I can see your point, though.

On a slightly different topic. Our boys went through a head-removing stage. They replaced the heads with strange things and called them aliens. In the middle of this phase we had a little friend visit who got very upset and started replacing heads which in turn upset our boys. I think we tried to move onto a different activity at that point!