Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to the real world...

(The above is just to remind myself....)

I'm working again tomorrow after a week of conference inspiration.

I'm really not excited about the day ahead though. Two child care centre visits, one of which involves dealing with a family that are not quite ready to accept how delayed their child actually is. Dad in particular is very resistant and doesn't seem to get, despite being told several times, that when a three year old shows up with an eighteen month delay it is unlikely that he'll just "catch up" before he goes off to school.

Seeing another little person at another community health centre which means I have to pack a bag of activities for him to do when I get there. Every time I do this I forget to take something vitally important. This makes me feel disorganised.

And, last but not least, a case discussion about a little guy that I really don't have much of a clue about. Couldn't really pinpoint anything when I saw him. And his case manager (not me, fortunately) forgot to organise for the paediatrician to take a look at him, so we are going to have incomplete information. I couldn't complete a full evaluation with this kid because he was unco-operative. Nothing in particular seemed to prompt the unco-operative behaviour. He would just get up and leave the table even if he was going okay with the things I gave him to do. I wasn't that impressed with the parents though. Their response to the kid's refusal to do anything the psychologist asked was to give him the iPhone to play games on in the waiting room. Not what I would have been offering him, that's for sure. So to date, we can perhaps say "parents need some more appropriate behaviour management strategies." But I think we might need a bit more than that to run with.

Sigh. Like I said last week, after a week of being excited by all the wonderful things going on in the world of occupational therapy, at some point you have to return to the daily grind and all of the previous week's unfinished business.

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