Saturday, July 16, 2011


Stanthorpe was cold. Very cold. To the tune of -7 degrees cold. Wood fires, heaters and electric blankets can only do so much in the face of those temperatures. Getting up in the morning was a very difficult thing. I took a few frost photos but they would have been better if I had been up at the crack of dawn before most of the ice melted.

As the week went on, the cloud cover increased so the mornings were warmer. But then there was no sun during the day because of all the cloud, so then it just stayed cold all day. Reading books and watching DVDs next to the fire was a very attractive option.

I think I would like to go back there when it's warm, to pick fruit and see some green trees rather than all the trees without leaves on them. But we had a good time exploring the national parks and eating stuff. And I read some books. And caught a cold to bring home with me.

A few photos later when the unpacking is done.

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