Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's Life....or is it?

So this morning I was waiting in the check-out queue at Coles and my eye was caught by this week's That's Life magazine.

I found the following headlines particularly interesting (all capitalisation here is courtesy of That's Life):
"PREGNANT AT 13. Now 16 and a mum of two"
"BASHED at my wedding BY THE GROOM."

Unfortunately the queue moved a bit too quickly so I couldn't read on to find out more. When I arrived back home, I had a look on the magazine's website. It wasn't much help. Although I did learn in doing this that the byline for That's Life magazine is "real life has never been so good."

Well, I'm not sure that life could get any better than being a Mum of two at sixteen, or being bashed up by your husband on your wedding day.

I actually find the name of this magazine quite bemusing. I sincerely hope that life isn't like this for the majority of people in our society. I think a more apt title would be "Strange People Seek Quick Cash and Five Minutes of Fame" (with the byline "plus a few crosswords and recipes to add an element of respectability"). But I guess that's a little too long to make it sell.

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