Friday, September 21, 2012

Now our oven is packing up

After all the fridge dramas of last week, it seems as if our oven is feeling the lack of attention in its direction.

This week it decided to have a "go slow" so that we will notice it. The other night it took ages to heat up and then well over an hour to cook a quiche. This resulted in a family member being late to get to a meeting on Wednesday night.

Not good enough, oven. So I have been out to price new ones in anticipation.

The thing I have noticed over time through many homes with many ovens is that they don't just stop working completely. They gradually begin to irritate by doing things like overcooking or burning (usually just the couple of biscuits in the back corner of the tray, for example), or perhaps by not heating up very fast anymore. The trouble with this is that there isn't the urgency to go out and buy a new one, unlike things that completely die.

Replacing two large kitchen appliances in a short space of time is a bit of a stretch. However, I've been told we can probably afford a new one.

It's very tempting.


Sarah said...

My oven died on my birthday. I thought my dinner was taking a very long time to cook!

I reckon all of the appliances get together and plan to cark it at the same time.

Mrs Q said...

I got a new oven this year and it's fantastic. I highly recommend it. I do a lot of baking and it is soooo quick compared to the old one. This is it, though I think it's a clearance one:

Karen said...

After I posted yesterday, I baked some biscuits. The talking to I gave the oven must have worked because the biscuits did cook, although it is still taking forever to heat up.

Thanks for the link MrsQ, that looks like an awesome oven! We are limited to an underbench one since we have a gas cooktop already (having tried all the different cooktops out there, gas is my all time favourite!).

We did instal a new oven in one of our previous homes and I have to say that was the biggest difference I noticed much quicker to pre-heat!

Mrs Q said...

Mmm...those underbench ones can be a pain to replace. You'd think they'd all be the same size but not so apparently. My friend ended up much poorer when replacing hers because of paying extra for one that would fit. At first, with my new oven, I burned so many things because it cooked everything so quickly compared to my old one.