Sunday, September 30, 2012

Off on holidays for a bit

We're heading off to the beach for the second half of the school holidays. Looking forward to doing....well, not very much. Plenty of books to be read, board games to be played, DVDs to be watched (Series 2 of The Tudors that I found in the library) and fun to be had.

Between now and when we leave tomorrow I have to finish marking five exams and then the exam marking is over except for putting their marks onto a spreadsheet somewhere. Not quite sure what I'm doing with that yet but there'll be time to sort that out when I get back.

And I have to pack stuff.

Unfortunately I have been distracted by this rather nice dress I found in the Myer online shop. A friend at church was wearing the short sleeved version of it this morning. I think I would prefer the shorter sleeved one myself but I don't want to look too much like I'm copying. Although she is one of the people going to our new church plant so if I bought one then we wouldn't be running into eachother in our matching dresses every Sunday.


Tasmanian said...

I am such a fan of long sleeve dresses :)

Karen said...

I bought it :) It arrived today. Fits perfectly too. Looking forward to wearing it out for dinner next weekend when we have been offered a rare opportunity when someone can babysit for us.