Friday, September 14, 2012

Our new fridge

It's just arrived. I'm waiting for it to cool down so I can start unloading the assorted eskies and bar fridge our kind friends loaned us when the old one gave up on Wednesday.

This one takes up more room than the old one. I bought the old one when I was single and had just left home. We really needed a bigger one, but the fridge space in our current home is a bit on the small side. Access to our house is also difficult. We have steps that turn a corner on the way up. We have discovered this is not good for large appliances like fridges. The alternative access is bit of a cross country route up a straight flight of stairs and around our swimming pool (including two pool gates). I'd forgotten to measure the width of those when I was checking out fridge sizes yesterday. It just fitted through the smaller one.

I've already managed to drop one of the food caddy/shelf things from inside the door onto the wooden floor so the edge of it is now chipped. Fortunately not too noticeable, but it was sad to see it lose its brand-new perfection so soon.

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Wendy said...

I love our "new" fridge, even though it is now 2 years old. Bigger is better, especially with the hungry hordes getting hungrier and hungrier! As a wise friend once said, "You always hear people complain that their fridge is too small, but you never hear complaints that a fridge is too large!"