Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're dog-sitting

Our friends' two pugs are staying with us this week. They arrived last night.

So far, they've been getting quite excited when approached by anyone so it's been hard to get a good photo of them. Hopefully later in the week they might calm down so I can get a few shots of the kids with them.

Everyone in our house is also pretty excited about them being here. Well, except for one person, who is showing dissent by refusing to come out of their room or get off the couch if the dogs are inside.

Sigh. I was hoping this could be a kind of trial run to work out whether we might be able to manage a dog as a more permanent pet in the future. Hoping the dissenter might come on board by the end of the week.


Deb said...

Maybe that's what we need! A dog trial!

Karen said...

I'd recommend it. At the moment, I think it could go either way...
I'm wondering if one dog might be easier to cope with than two? Although these two do get on quite well and (presumably) might entertain each other a bit to prevent too much boredom-induced barking?

Sarah said...

I love pugs! I'll never be allowed to get one since my husband thinks they are mutants.