Monday, November 26, 2012

Chronological Bible reading plan update

Ben's calling it the C.B.R.P. over at his blog. Catchy.

So I'm eight days in and still on track. But things are getting busy as end of term activities start hotting up here so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I start missing a day here and there.

After the familiar stories at the beginning of Genesis, I'm finding that Job is not an easy book to sit down and read and take in. It's hard going reading all the conversation between Job and his mates. There's a part of me wishing that the friends had just said nothing the way they did for the first seven days after they arrived while Job was still in the depths of despair. But I guess if they hadn't started talking, Job wouldn't have had reason to say all the good stuff he had to say.

I'm trying to read while keeping focused on the big picture of the book. If I do that, I don't seem to find that I get quite so bogged down. I know it's important that I hang in there even with the bits in the Bible that seem hard to focus on. I'm figuring that this is all good preparation for dealing with Leviticus, Numbers etc later on.  And it's all in there because it's important.

Praying here for the discipline to keep going.


Ben McLaughlin said...

Yep, the focus and discipline are going to be what I find hard. but I'm sure we'll se all sorts of great new stuff as we read. Keep going!

Ben McLaughlin said...

I kind of don't know how to take the speeches of his friends. They are kind of insensitive and annoying, but at the same time they say some pretty awesome little lines that I've underlined.

Jean said...

Mark Dever's "The message of the Old Testament" helped me a lot with Job.

Funny to be reading the same thing at the same time! I just finished Job today. Definitely a book that needs to be read in big gulps!

I wrote about my experience of reading Job here:

Karen said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys :)

Today's been hard work, got through a couple of chapters and then had to take a break. I think it definitely helps to keep the broader view in mind though.

Thanks for sharing that link too, Jean, very helpful.