Thursday, November 15, 2012

We're "reviving" the First Noel for Christmas Carols this year....

The old arrangement we've used in previous years was very ordinary to play. This version has a nice keyboard accompaniment which I am in the process of learning, but it is a bit more complicated, especially at the end as it builds up to the big finale. I noticed on this video that one of the band members was playing both keyboard and guitar. I'm glad I don't have to replicate that.

We're going to have it as an item by the lead singers (I think) rather than having the whole congregation singing it. Any mistakes I make are going to be much more obvious than they would be if everyone was singing. Fortunately I have another few weeks to get it sorted out.


Caroline said...

Did you ever find any music for the Australian Christmas Carols? (I think you mentioned them last year, or maybe the year before.)

I've now got a rather old copy of the book with the first 5, and a couple of others in another book, but I haven't been able to find much at all about them online, or anywhere else for that matter.

Karen said...

Hi Caroline
Lovely to hear from you :)
Must say I'd forgotten, but you've inspired me to look again and I just found a book on with the complete set of them (the Wheeler and James ones, I think those were the ones I was talking about!?). If you search "Australian Christmas Carols" it should come up. And it's in stock too!
Now I want to buy it, thanks so much for reminding me!

Karen said...

It only costs $22 as well....pretty cheap for fifteen songs.

Caroline said...

Thanks, I'll look there.

I'm not sure whether I'll use any this year, though. This year I'm concentrating on carols which are very well known, to sing with people with intellectual disabilities.

But I like to have a few extras up my sleeve too, for if the opportunity arises.

Karen said...

My order is in...expected delivery between 22nd and 28th November, so plenty of time to learn some in time for this Christmas.

I'll blog on it when it arrives. Enjoy your singing this year :)