Sunday, January 13, 2013

C.B.R.P. update

Still hanging in there on the Chronological Bible Reading Plan. Only just. I've missed a few days. I have been getting caught up in some of my other books (and Mad Men DVDs and televised tennis matches). I need to remind myself which book is the most important one.

Anyway, I just finished Exodus a couple of days ago. They've just finished building the Tabernacle. I have to be honest and say I did just skip over a lot of the finer details in those passages. But what I found amazing considering that whole bit about building the Tabernacle is how much detail God gave the Israelites about how he wanted things set up. So much order and detail in all of it. I guess from that we take it that God really does care about the finest details of our lives and the way in which we worship him.

So now it's onward into Leviticus I go. I'm trying not to think that it's going to be a hard slog.

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Ben McLaughlin said...

Good job Karen. I haven't done so well the past few weeks, but I'm hanging in there. Jacob has just wrestled with God, mid to late Genesis.