Monday, January 21, 2013

The University at which I work has just rebranded itself

And in the process, it has acquired a new tagline:

At "S.C." University .....  "It's all about U."

I don't like it much. It all looks a bit self-centred to me.

Sadly, from my previous personal experience of some of the students there, it appears that they are already well acquainted with the philosophy of University being all about them. Forget everyone else, it's all about ME!

As if they (or we!) needed reminding....


Wendy said...

We spent some time talking with a NZ uni student on the weekend and he confirmed what we thought, uni students are generally selfish and drink excessively (a generalisation, of course, this young man is an exception to that rule, for example). All that being said, both David and I found our most enduring friends at uni and don't regret that.

BTW over there on the right it says "There was an error with this gadget." Just thought you might like to know.

Caroline said...

I'm studying part-time at a University that brands itself as "worldly", which I find somewhat off-putting. I'm assuming it has different connotations for non-Christians, or at least non-negative ones.

Caroline said...

Oh, and Wendy, I think it's the thing that displays recent comments. It doesn't seem to be working on a number of the blogs that I read.

Karen said...

I don't know what's up with that recent comment thing. It's been down for a while. I thought yours may have not been working either last time I looked?

It's done it before and then appeared again magically but perhaps I might have to go in and have a look at it??