Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peaches with raspberry coulis

I borrowed this rather luscious cookbook from the library a few weeks ago before I decided I had to clean up my diet.

Fortunately, not all the recipes are loaded with sugar and fat (although most of them are, so I will just have to dream about eating those ones).

But there is a fantastic and super-easy recipe in it for peaches with raspberry coulis. We made it for dessert tonight.

All you have to do is blitz up in the food processor 250g of raspberries (I used frozen ones) with around a tablespoon of sugar (you could probably use a little less if you're trying to cut down) and the juice of two oranges and half a lemon.

Strain the mixture into a serving bowl (a white bowl or a clear bowl lets you see the gorgeous colours of the fruit really well), or if you don't care about having little raspberry seeds in the sauce, don't bother with this step. Stir in a punnet of blueberries and three or four perfectly ripe peaches, stones removed and cut into 2cm wedges. I used up a few spare raspberries that were in the fridge as well. Serve at room temperature but you can pop it in the fridge for a bit if you want to make it before dinner. It's so quick to make that it's easy enough to whip up afterwards.

Obviously it works better with the free-stone variety of peaches because it's really easy to get the stones out.

I guess you could put some vanilla ice-cream on it if you weren't worried about consuming too much sugar. But it is pretty yummy on its own. It really didn't need any accompaniment. And a healthy choice too. Peaches and berries are both really good low GI foods.

A big winner all around here. The kids loved it. Everyone wanted seconds. I even had a teeny weeny second spoonful myself.

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