Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aidan's birthday cake

Made by Chris. Very convenient that Kit Kat make a family size white chocolate block, it was perfect for making the keys.
Aidan has been learning to play the piano keyboard at school, hence the keyboard cake (his request, we were expecting to have to come up with something much more complicated).
Meanwhile, on the real keyboard, he has just started learning his first song that uses two hands together: When the Saints Go Marching In. There could be worse tunes to have to listen to over and over again, although we are only two days into it. I had had more than enough of Ode to Joy and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Wendy said...

Well done Chris. What is it about guys and cake decorating? I know a couple who do it and when I decorate a cake, usually my husband ends up helping!

Simone R. said...

That is the coolest cake.

Karen said...

Yep, Chris is pretty clever with that sort of stuff. Although I am taking credit for the decorations since I did the shopping for them, he just put them on with my suggestions!