Friday, May 21, 2010

Making bread

I've discovered the fun of making my own bread this year after some earlier failed attempts. Some things I've discovered:
  • Buying the more expensive bread flour makes a big difference.
  • Keep everything warm, have the oven on low heat while the dough rises, use a warm bowl and warm hands for kneading. The yeast doesn't work if it's too hot or cold.
  • Kneading is very therapeutic.
  • Kids enjoy punching down the dough after it's risen.
  • The end product tastes much better than the equivalent from the supermarket.
The other night at Bible study, we were discussing the verse in Philippians 2 about God being at work in us as we work out our salvation. Our leader (an ex-chef) drew an analogy between kneading and shaping bread and the work God does in us as we become more like Christ in the way we live. It was good to reflect on that while I kneaded bread dough today and listened to the kids practising their public speaking efforts. Unfortunately I did end up grumbling and complaining a little bit...the product of having listened to the same talks so many times...which wasn't very Christ-like.

But the bread turned out really well and it was really yummy with the creamy cauliflower and bacon soup that Chris made for dinner.

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