Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What more could a day throw at me?

Lecture to 55 Uni students successfully completed. Only a few yawns in the audience but to be fair to them, I was the second half of a two hour session that began at 8am. Quite an early start for Uni students I would assume.

Early this afternoon, Liam had his surgery in Brisbane (Chris, his brother and my Mum were there). It seems to have gone okay but they said the fracture was pretty big so it needed a big plate to fix it up (which will dissolve eventually). He will be home tomorrow if everything keeps going well. The latest update is that he is sitting up in bed eating jelly and icecream with a big smile on his face so that sounds promising. I always thought that jelly and icecream in hospital after an operation was a myth, but apparently not.

I arrive at school to pick up Aidan to receive the bad news from his teacher that he spent some time in the principal's office today for encouraging another kid in his class to say swear words. That I was less than impressed would be an understatement given that I was still waiting to get the call to say that Liam was out of theatre safely. Unfortunately I tend to be a fairly reactive parent which meant the afternoon didn't improve greatly from there as far as Aidan and I were concerned. I guess he feels like not enough attention is coming his way right now and he happily agreed with that when I asked him if that was why he did it...but now I worry that maybe I have just offered him a convenient excuse??

Yesterday I read and commented on this post in Simone's blog. A "happy, simple worry-free life"?? If only...

Well, I think Rosie had a simple worry-free day today actually. She coped really well with being looked after by someone other than Chris or me (the first time we'd attempted this) and she has slept really well during the day today which meant I could deal with the other stuff.

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One for a wish.. said...

Glad to hear that Liam's op went well..big relief.
Don't worry too much about the choice of words. My little boy kept saying, "this is f*&^'n stupid" and he would get in big trouble, and it took me about 2 weeks to realise that the word he thought he was getting in trouble for was stupid.. :-)It's usually just for the shock value...