Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We survived...

...church camp for another year. It gets bigger and better each time. This year the talks were from Ezekiel and related to living in the Holy Spirit. New songs were learned, only one scary piano playing moment where the sheet music fell off the keyboard music stand and I was left playing nothing at the end of one song. Fortunately the singers covered my embarrassment.

Liam only fell over once (not witnessed by me). He said to me later "I hurt my forehead Mummy." I'm glad I didn't see him do it. Rosie slept very well on Saturday night (we weren't quite brave enough to stay for both nights this year, we thought it best not to arrive on Friday night when all the kids are just going crazy). We only really saw Aidan at meal times. I hope he wasn't getting up to anything too disturbing the rest of the time. I learned how to play Balderdash. Chris had a cold so he caught up on some sleep but did surface for long enough to talk to some of the people who were at camp for the first time this year.

It was a good weekend and so encouraging to see how our church is continuing to grow. We are so thankful to God to be a small part of it all.

I spent yesterday up to my eyeballs in loads of washing and grocery shopping. Liam only went to school for part of the day yesterday but he went back for a full day today. We go back to Brisbane on Thursday to see the doctors at the hospital. We have also been busy supervising speech-writing for the public speaking competition at school. Aidan's talk is about the beach, Liam's is about lighthouses.

Oh, and we are also planning Aidan's birthday party at tenpin bowling this weekend, not as hard as having a party at home but effort is still needed nonetheless.

I feel as if this is going to be a week where we will be more than satisfied if we just keep our heads above water...so the blog might be a bit quiet this week.

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