Sunday, July 25, 2010

And while we are on the subject of iMacs..

Straight after I put up the last entry I found this blog post on the Cult of Mac.

Very interesting. Have we been sucked in?

I do think the purchasing experience was set up as if we were buying into one great big happy family of Mac owners. Lots of smiling salesmen in blue Apple T-shirts oh so keen to sell us lots of very expensive computer equipment and to welcome us (back) into the Apple fold. The way they latched onto us was almost disconcerting...dare I say it was almost cult-like??

We did manage to turn down the offer to have them all line up and applaud as we loaded the shopping trolley and wheeled our new computer and printer out of the shop. That would have been way too embarrassing...

What's not to love about a faster computer though? And hopefully this one won't need all the anti-virus updates that slowly killed off our laptop.

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Chris said...

We've just bought a lifestyle, not a computer