Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We have a new computer

An iMac. Woohoo!!

But it is still sitting in its box because a data transfer from our old computer was included in the deal (which they said they would prefer to do before setting it up) and so we now have to take the new computer and the old laptop back to the shop so that they can transfer the data and set it up for us. We can't do this till tomorrow.

It's very hard to resist ripping open the box after months of dealing with our slow old laptop and lots of wishing that we could throw it at the wall.

I think the laptop knows it is about to be replaced though. Since we have had the new one sitting in the corner in the box, the laptop seems to have discovered speed it didn't know it possessed and is working much better. Good news for me since I am about to hit the recipe sites to find something to make as a main meal for a pot luck Christmas in July...our usual standby curries and macaroni cheeses don't really seem festive enough.

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