Thursday, July 1, 2010

Performing parents... the Performing Arts Festival. And not in a good way.

This morning I went to watch Aidan's class perform at the local festival in the percussion section. I thought I would get there early to make sure I didn't miss seeing him and arrived during the Infant School choir section.

There were several noisy toddlers and babies in the auditorium during the choir singing. One of them was Rosie. As I was moving towards the door to take her out to calm down the MC made a request (politely, I thought) that parents take their young children out if they were making noise because it was distracting for the performers. Common courtesy, you would think.

Well, apparently not. A lady from another school with a young toddler came out behind me and we were waiting in the foyer chatting with our now quiet kids when a large posse of angry looking mothers with toddlers in strollers came storming out, the one in front shouting at the (voluntary and elderly) people co-ordinating the door and ticket sales "Who do I complain to? You made me really uncomfortable in there. We want to see our kids perform. My friend couldn't calm her child down because she was busy taking a dare you ask us to leave..." etc etc. You get the picture.

Clearly for some people, it's all about them and being inconsiderate towards others (and making a scene about it) is perfectly acceptable as long as you're getting what you want. I witnessed a similar incident at the front of the school yesterday when the kids and I (and everyone else in the area) were treated to a Dad jumping out of his car that he was trying to reverse out of the parking area and hurling abuse at a bus driver that really couldn't get out of his way. Mate, if you need to make a quick exit from school as soon as the bell goes, parking directly in front of the gate is probably not a great idea! And then he decided to have a go at someone else whose car wasn't moving quickly enough for his liking. All in front of the wife and kids in the back seat.

Only two more days till the holidays. Hopefully everyone will have a chance to calm down and reflect upon their stupidity. And Aidan's class won the percussion section with a great performance so that was most enjoyable to see!

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