Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Highlights from the latest Koorong catalogue

For anyone who's looking for a new one.

Pet Psalms..."whimsical, insightful reflections and prayers" inspired by Herbert's observations of cats and dogs.

There is some good stuff in the Koorong catalogue, but unfortunately it's often buried in the rubbish, which makes it hard to find.

If anyone's read either of these I'd love to hear what you thought of them.


One for a wish.. said...

I've actually read another in the series, "How to have a new kid by Friday," and it really does have some decent stuff in it. (ie you ask once..and if the kid doesn't do it then consequences happen) Lots of tough love kind of stuff.
Not sure how it would apply to husbands though.. :-) Sheryl
But definitely agree that there is some whacko stuff in Koorong..but alas people must buy it!!

Chris said...

Hmm, little bit worried- do I get to meet the competition before I get the boot? And given its Thursday already, you haven't got much time.

So if there are new kids, new husband, do you think anyone is going to be brave enough to write the how to get a new wife book? May have to give some thought as to the possible chapters- Suggestions anyone? "Teach your wife to home brew"?

Makes you wonder about Koorong though (particularly the Cat Hymns- do they lack descirnment or do they just not care- anything for a sale?

Must go- about to complete my opus- "Prayers from the hermit crabs"