Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I love my slow cooker

We had osso buco for dinner tonight, cooked in the slow cooker. With polenta. Everyone loved it, even Rosie was gobbling it up and looking for more.

This was the culmination of a big morning in the kitchen. First I spent half an hour stirring lemon butter over the stove (we ate that on toast for dessert tonight), and then I made some biscuits with the kids, just basic ones that they could put smarties on to decorate. Yum.

And when I got the slow cooker turned on after lunch, I lay down on the bed, listened to classic FM, read a book and had a sleep while the boys played and Rosie slept. Bliss.

Oh, and I booked us a holiday in Yamba for the next school holidays as well. Could a day get any better??

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Wendy said...

Nope, sounds about perfect to me.