Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aaahh....I am so not ready....

....for the kids to go back to school next Monday. I haven't looked at what's in their stationery packs, written names on their pencil cases or sorted out who does or doesn't need a new school bag or the next size up in school uniforms. I also want to check out a new after school care service for the boys, although there are still a couple more weeks for me to sort that one out.

All I have managed to achieve is to buy shoes for them to wear and to write names on one child's new socks. And to decide that last year's lunchboxes are probably okay for another year.

And of course I have realised all this as I am about to go to Brisbane for the next three days for a two day professional development thing and then to help Mum and Dad move back into their house post-flood. We get back Saturday night and then I am playing the piano at church the next morning.

Looks like Sunday afternoon and evening are going to involve lots of name-writing and labelling.

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