Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Review

Today while Rosie was at child care, I took the boys to the movies. We saw Tangled. I enjoyed it but it probably wasn't that memorable. At the beginning I was having doubts but it improved as it went along. Plenty of chasing action and bopping people over the head, which is always what the boys say they like the best after animated movies. I don't think they were so keen on the romantic storyline, but I enjoyed that bit. Rapunzel's hair was impressive.

I'm glad I have a few more years of going to see children's movies, it's always interesting seeing what the kids find funny. I wish they were cheaper though. $34 for the three of us seems an exorbitant amount to pay, particularly when we are reaching the point at which one income is probably not quite enough to afford luxuries like trips to the movies. I keep telling myself it is only another few weeks until I go back to work and then it will all be okay.

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