Monday, January 31, 2011

First day of school done

The boys seem pretty happy with their teachers. I was pretty happy with their teachers. Aidan (Year 3) is in a Year 3/4 composite class which I am hoping might stretch him a bit more academically. Maybe I would have preferred the male Year 1 teacher for Liam, but the lady he has is very experienced as well so I'm not too fussed really. I just think it would be great for the boys to have a good male teacher sometime in their primary school career but don't know if that will end up happening.

All the pencils, coloured pencils, scissors, sharpeners, folders, display/portfolio books, rulers and things now have names written on them. The school actually supplies most of the kids' exercise books which is fantastic since that means I have very little covering to do. Last year I only had to cover a dictionary. That was bad enough since Contact and I don't get on well.

Today was the first time I had actually been to school on the first day to listen to the classroom and teacher allocations getting done. When the boys started Kindergarten they moved in a large herd with all the other Kindergarten kids for the first week prior to getting put into classes. I hadn't realised it was such a big deal until I saw the number of parents hanging around. I was just going to turn around and walk back home, but then I thought maybe I should stay since everyone else was. I said hello to a few people that I knew and liked. It was interesting watching people's reactions to hearing which teacher their child had. Generally I haven't been overly bothered by what classes the kids have been in, but some people clearly were. But maybe I would feel the same if I knew a particular teacher wasn't much good. Most of them at our school are okay. And I'm not one to join the group gossiping at the gate to find out otherwise.

So let the year begin. And now I probably should start thinking about going back to work. Only three more weeks of maternity leave left...

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