Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A busy few days here. Liam and I share a birthday on New Year's Eve. Good in some ways. For instance, there are always fireworks on in the evening which we like to pretend are for us (we can see them from our front deck so the first photo is an actual view of what we saw, I just need something better than the railing on the deck to hold the camera still), lots of extended family around because it's holiday time, generally our family don't forget our birthdays and we usually have a family get together at our home for lunch on New Year's Eve to celebrate.

The downsides to all this are that often there is only time to make one cake (Liam's, this year a fighter jet, see above), friends are more likely to forget our birthday (although having all the family around kind of makes up for that), and the planning and work involved in hosting over twenty people at home is exhausting.

After the party, we have given my sister and brother in law the weekend to themselves and now have our two teenaged nieces and nine year old nephew staying with us so we are experiencing what it is like to have a large family. They are fairly low maintenance kids, but if we all want to go somewhere together, both our cars are required. And it is raining options for outdoor fun at home are limited. The Nerf gun (Liam's birthday present) can only be shot so many times inside before everyone is over it.

Fortunately, we are now the owners of a Wii (my birthday present) which everyone is currently upstairs playing. I am still dubious as to whether this will be a worthwhile long term investment, and can see the novelty may wear off quickly but for the short term it is saving our sanity.

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