Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day 2011 service highlights

The kids marched in the Anzac Day parade this morning, representing their school. Our local service seems to have been growing a lot bigger over the past few years. We've gone each year since Aidan started school, although I did miss last year because Anzac Day fell on a Sunday. Chris took the kids to the parade and I stayed at church because I was playing the piano.

I enjoyed the service today. Rosie got a little bit restless but we could keep her under control with carefully planned timing of snacks.

There was also a bit of excitement just behind us when an old gentleman wearing a navy jacket covered in medals fainted (while sitting in one of those camping chairs) and tipped his chair backwards down the little slope behind where he was sitting. Fortunately the St John's ambulance staff were nearby and could get in to help him straight away. He still seemed to be breathing so some kind people stayed with him on the ground while the service was ending. After that, the real ambos turned up to take him off to the hospital.

What was less exciting was the woman sitting beside us who spent the entire service using her smartphone with her headphones in her ears, and the numerous others I could see around us who seemed to be texting on their mobiles. I wanted to ask them why they had bothered turning up at all. Even though they weren't disrupting other people, it seemed pretty disrespectful.

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