Thursday, April 21, 2011

The one day working week.... a tough gig when you usually work two days. A lot of stuff that I would normally "finish off tomorrow" remains on my desk unfinished. I can tell already that next Thursday and Friday are going to be bad since I will be starting from well behind the start line.

Today was a stressy day. Some good things happened, but a lot of my day was spent sorting out messy and irritating things. I am currently the case manager for a little person who needs to be assessed by our entire team. When I called his mother to discuss the schedule of appointments, she informed me that she couldn't possibly organise to take an hour off work to bring her child to be assessed by the paediatrician. I tried to organise everyone else's appointments to fall on her non-work days, but I couldn't change all of them.

And especially not the paediatrician's. This is a specialist we are talking about here. Changing a specialist appointment isn't an easy matter. If you were seeing a private medical specialist, you would have to take the appointment time you were offered whether you were working that day or not. Why is it that in the public system you feel you can just ask to have another time??

Sigh. I do try to work around families as much as I possibly can, given that I am only at work two days a week. And I do understand that it isn't easy to take time off work when you are a parent. But this is your child we are talking about. Don't you want to know what his strengths and weaknesses are? Maybe not. Perhaps it is all a bit much to take in. Time to call in the social workers I think....

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