Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Bonnets

A fairly basic effort compared with some I've seen on my friends' Facebook profiles today.

I leave early for work on Thursdays so I don't do the school drop off. But Chris said when he was unloading the kids with their school hats, Easter bonnets and trumpets at drop off time, he was complimented by the minister of the local Presbyterian church (parked next to him, I've chatted with his wife a few times but since we go to a different Presbyterian church, I'm not sure if they know we also go to church, one of those situations where I feel like it's a bit awkward to say we go to that other Pressie church up the road) on including the Christian theme and having the cross featured on their hats.

Aidan said some kid in his class asked what the cross was for. Obviously to some, Easter is all about bunnies and chocolate. I'm not sure what Aidan said in response, but I hope it was good.

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